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Rustic Home Style

Picture the Ponderosa and you have rustic style. Sure, the Cartwright’s ranch on the Bonanza television series was located next to Lake Tahoe in Nevada with a terrain far different from ours. And, Florida is not known for log cabins and rustic cedar-hewn homes like you would find in the Rockies. But, we do have our own style we’ve named “rustic“. These are the ranch homes that are plain in detail, have very simple roof lines, and are finished with wood siding – sometimes as simple as Southern Yellow Pine T1-11 siding. They may incorporate elements found in nature – sometimes timber beams and stone accents.

Cabin Home Style

The Rustic style is often mixed in with the Cabin style. Although we have a few of them,┬áCabin style homes generally aren’t log cabin homes in our area. A cabin style home can be more elegant than a rustic style home. Even our waterfront properties will adapt the cabin home style for a large waterfront estate. This is sometimes found in homes for sale in South Walton County where planned development focused on drawing organically from early Florida’s architecture. Features you will find in a Florida cabin style home are raised front porches with wood rails, a dog-trot separating areas of the cabin, and┬ásteep gable roofs sometimes finished with metal roofing. One unique feature to the roofs of our area’s cabin style is that they will often be finished in a bold color – green or red – as opposed to the quieter earth tones typical to rustic architectural styles.

Note: Rustic and Cabin as a home style category can also have properties as simple as a modular home on acreage used more as a “hunting cabin” than as a year-round residence. You will find the Cabin style especially will vary from a large bayfront home to a hunting cabin tucked in the north county woods.

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