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Our area multiple listing service lists townhomes in the category of “attached homes”, meaning that at some point the home attaches to that of a neighbor. It could be a fully attached townhome sharing a common wall on each side, or it could be semi-detached like a duplex.

For budget-conscious homebuyers a townhome can be the ideal choice. Townhomes have their advantages. They are generally cheaper to build because they share a foundation and walls, which means you may get more home for your shopping dollar. But those shared walls have another benefit besides lower construction cost. Townhomes can be less expensive to heat and cool because of less exterior wall surface.

The disadvantage of a townhome is that privacy may be a concern. Townhomes generally have smaller yards separated from the neighbor’s by a fence or, in some cases, no individual back yard as the back opens to common area. However, for homebuyers that don’t like lawn maintenance or gardening, the lack of a big back yard is a comfortable exchange for weekends free from yard work.

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